Coin Master Strategy, Tips And Tricks [Latest 2022]

Coin Master Strategy, Tips And Tricks [Latest 2022]

Coin Master gameplay features slot machines that you can spin for performing different actions and build your base with a strategy. Gain coins by attacking the bases of other players, protect your base from enemy attacks by using shields, and raid conveys of other players in Coin Master.

These coins enable you to build your base as well as improve existing structures on the base. You will be able to learn everything in a short time. Beginners require some tips and tricks to get ahead of the competition and better up their gameplay. This is where this article kicks in, as it provides tips and tricks for Coin Master, which are tested and shared by pro players.

Collect the Daily Bonus

A large number of players don’t collect their daily bonus, which you should avoid at all costs. You should collect the bonus every day even if you don’t want to play Coin. It takes a few minutes, and it is worth the time. Daily bonuses help players in the long run as they feature free spins and coins.

Take Part in All in-game Events

Coin Master features various events to help you win huge rewards. Here are some popular Coin Master events with information about what rewards they offer.

Ultra-Attack Master 

In the ultra-attack master event, spin the wheel to get rewards.

Diamond Rush

Diamond rush is a popular event in Coin Master as it rewards players with a good amount of spins and coins.

Jackpot Event

As the name suggests, the Jackpot event is all about hitting the jackpot. It rewards a huge collection of free cards, spins, coins, etc., to the lucky winner.

Ultra-Raid Madness 

This event is similar to the ultra-attack madness event as you have to spin the same wheel again. You will win in this event if the wheel stops at the three ultra-signs. This way, you can attack the base of other players for a limited time. 

Viking Quest 

Viking quest rewards winners with free food for the pet, rare cards, golden cards, free spins, and free coins so they can upgrade their equipment and perform better.

What is the Slot Machine?

Want to better up your Coin Master gameplay? You first have to understand how the slot machine works. It is important because they will be spinning slots a lot. This slot machine to similar to slot machines of casinos. If you are lucky and a pattern is matched, you will be rewarded. Below are more details about all the slot machine rewards in Coin Master.

Huge Bonus of Coins

A huge amount of coins are given to players if the slot machine stops at the coin pouches.


These free coins are provided with a free spin reward.

Free Spins

To get spins, you need to receive three different capsules as a reward. These spins will be stored, and you have to use them manually. The official developer release free spin links on a daily basis you can check that.


Match three shields on the slot machine to win a shield and protect your base from raids.


Hammers enables you to raid other bases in the game. You can’t attack a base if it is protected by the shield, and a hammer allows you to attack once. To attack again, you need a new hammer.

Complete the Collection of Cards first

Players try to unlock new village levels as soon as possible, but it is a costly mistake. Instead, they should first complete their collection of cards and then unlock new village levels. You may think that unlocking a village level is good, so why is it labeled as a mistake?

Coin Master provides you with cards according to the village level, and upgrading too early means you will miss a lot of cards that are rewarded in lower-level villages only. What you should do is collect as many cards as possible before upgrading to the village level.

Don’t Waste Coins 

The best strategy is to use your coins in Coin Master quickly. It isn’t beneficial to save them as an enemy can attack your base and loot all those coins. Instead, you should spend these coins wisely to upgrade village buildings and buy defenses.

The most attack happens when you are offline, so you can’t do much about it rather than work on bettering up the village. You should only save coins for upcoming special events; otherwise, spend them as you earn them. This way, there will be no coins in the village, and it will be empty, so attackers won’t get a big loot.

Play Coin Master with Friends

Use the Facebook account to log in to Coin Master and enjoy the game with your friends and family members. The game will show all your Facebook friends who are also playing coin master. Moreover, you can send invites to friends using a referral link.

When they download Coin master using the referral code, they will also receive rewards. When your friends or family members download and install Coin Master, you will get twenty-five free spins. 

Upgrade the Village Level

There is no character level in Coin Master, and the level of the village is the character level, so you should increase it with time. If you can’t determine which is the best time to upgrade the village, just check how many buildings you have constructed. If all the buildings are constructed, upgrade the village. Otherwise, first, complete the construction of buildings because you don’t want to miss any cards.

Protect the Base

Raids are an important part of Coin Master, and there is no way that you can avoid them, which takes us to the topic of how you can protect them. Below are the three options to protect the village.

  • Shields
  • Ghost mode
  • Upgrading your pets

For players who have a pretty big amount of coins in Coin Master, they should protect their bases from enemies at all costs because the enemy can take all their savings if they fail to defend. You can go to the shop in Coin Master and spend some coins on shields to protect the village even if you are away.

A high-level pet can protect your village from enemy attacks for four hours. To upgrade pets, you need experience point coins which are available in various in-game events.

Earn Free Experience Points and Food

Food is very rare in Coin Master, and you will be spending a lot of coins to purchase it from the shop. But all this can be avoided by getting free experience points and food. Follow these steps to get free experience points and food in Coin Master.

  • Use all the coins to upgrade your base
  • Stay offline for a few days so enemies can raid your village
  • Login to Coin master again
  • Construct some part of the village to get free food and XP

Do Smart Raids

If you follow this tip accordingly, you will make a lot more from raids on enemy bases compared to previous raids. You should take pets on raids with you to earn some extra rewards. If you are going on a raid, follow these steps to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. These smarts raids provide you with seventy percent more loot.

  • Turn on buff by feeding and treating your pets
  • Increase the bet and start the raid with the pet

Purchase Chests

Chests are a great option to spend your coins and get some pretty good items, but you have to invest wisely in chests. If you blindly spend coins on chests, you may end up with items that you don’t need at all. Follow these guidelines to get the best chests in Coin Master. Count the stars on the last card of the chest before buying it.

If there are only two stars or one star, go for a wooden chest. Buy a gold chest instead if the last card has three stars only. Magic chests are the best option for cards with four to five stars. Try to construct the village with two stars each before investing in chests. Buy a minimum of twenty chests of each category and open all of them at the same time.

Keep Pets Active

Upgrade your village to level four to unlock and train pets. Pets provide you with bonuses, but you can use one pet at a time. You have to feed pets with food to keep them active and use their boosts. If your run out of food and can’t feed the pet, they will run out of service unless you feed them again.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have food, because your pet won’t die, but you won’t be able to use its abilities. To save coins and have free food, you can follow the above-given tip. Here are the three pets available in Coin Master for now.

  • Foxy – Dig the fourth hole during an attack and increases rewards from the attack.
  • Rhino – Can block enemy attacks.
  • Tiger – Increase rewards from attacks on both shielded and unshielded bases.

FAQs About Tips and Tricks Coin Master

What is the best strategy for Coin Master?

There are numerous tricks and strategies in the Coin Master game, First is to play the game once a day. If you play this game for a long time then you know about raid techniques.

What are the hardest cards to get in Coin Master?

There are three cards in the Coin Master that can be less possible to get. The first one is the Cosmic Carl card, second is the Farmer Feng card and last is the Andromeda card.

What are the yellow stars in Coin master?

Yellow stars are basically your rank on the leaderboard. If you played this game for a long time then you also win this many times, You can check your ranking in-game.


If you really want to become a “Coin Master” then you should follow these tips and tricks in your gameplay. You may know about these tricks but here we give the proper information on how to cheat and win the game.

Let us know your ranking in the comment section and we will give you the secret formula to becoming the Coin Master king!

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