Coin Master Rare Cards List 2022

Coin Master Rare Cards List 2022

If you think Coin Master’s gameplay is all about spinning the slot machine and building your village to earn rewards, think again!

The game is far more diverse, with many elements to keep you glued and entertained for the longest time. Whether it is pets or card sets, everything on Coin Master is constantly added by the developers to keep the game engaging for all avid gamers. Interestingly, you can also unlock the pets by completing card sets after changes in a recent update.

Coin Master offers a series of free rewards to gamers, including free spins, free pet food, coins, cards, and others. However, there is one thing that all gamers eye upon throughout their gameplay. It is called ‘Rarest Cards’.

If you want to enjoy the winning spree in the game, it is integral to have the odds in your favor. One of the ways to do it is to collect golden and the rarest cards. The rarest cards land you some of the biggest bonuses you can use throughout your gameplay. These bonuses are given once you finish collecting your card.

Here’s everything to know about the rarest cards in Coin Master and how to collect them. Check Coin master spins.

What are the Different Types of Cards Available at Coin Master

Coin Master includes many types and categories of cards, such as rare, mid-rare, and extremely rare. You can score rare and mid-rare cards easily. It is the extremely rare or rarest cards that are hard to get. The list of the cards in these respective categories keeps changing from time to time.

Why Are Rare Cards So Important in Coin Master

Rare and golden cards are a must-have if you want to finish the card collection in your gameplay. When you finish it, you can enjoy many free spins and coins. Rarest cards in the game help you finish some rare card collections. On top of it, you can enjoy many bonuses such as free pet food, free spins, and XP.

Coin Master Rare Cards

Rarest Cards, as the name suggests, are hard to find. When compared to other cards, their value is higher. Thus, call yourself lucky when you are able to collect these cards. There are many ways to get these cards. But before we discuss them, let us know the rarest cards you can get in your gameplay.

Cosmic Carl

Cosmic Carl
Cosmic Carl

This card fills the fourth slot on the Coin Master card set Warriors. It is also considered the last card to be obtained in the set. Cosmic Carl grants four stars on its own, different from the rewards that you can otherwise claim on the card set. It is one of the most important cards in the game. We suggest you protect it if you receive it again later as it is highly in demand during trade events. The value of this card is 4 Martian Lettuce.

Farmer Feng

Farmer Feng
Farmer Feng

The Farmer Feng card is another rarest card in the game that fills the sixth slot in the Coin Master card set China. It is the second card to be obtained in the set and offers six stars when you pair it with the earlier card, Princess Pai. The value of Farmer Feng is 1 Excalibur.

According to the developers, Farmer Feng is one of the longest-ranging card sets. Thus, if you are a new player, we strictly recommend not to trade your card. You might not get it later in the game.



This card fills the seventh slot in the Coin Master card set Space. It is also referred to as the starter card for the set and offers you five stars when you acquire it. The card and related card set were released as a special reward for those completing the 100th level. 

Andromeda gives an extra collectible value. Andromeda has been valued at 2 Martian Lettuce.

Barrel Tank

Barrel Tank
Barrel Tank

The Barrel Tank card fills the sixth slot in the Coin Master card set Goblins. The complete set offers three stars and about 30 million in gold. It is one of the first cards users obtain from the set. Interestingly, Barrel Tank is also one of the first cards to provide you gold upon completion. This card is valued at 2 Martian Lettuce.



This card fills the first slot in the Coin Master card set Circus. Armstrong is also the first card any gamer can obtain. The Circus set is touted as one of the most profitable card sets in the game, but many players do not avail of the card in the village where it is available. 

Armstrong’s value in the Coin Master game is 2 Martian Lettuce. Currently, Armstrong is considered the rarest card in Coin Master. As a result, auctions for the card have run up big numbers on several platforms, including eBay.


This Torero card is worth three stars and is in the Spain card collection. Bullfighter offers up to 10,000 reward spins if you complete it. It is positioned in fourth place in the collection with the Paella card. This card’s value is 2 Martian Lettuce.

Lefty Lenny

Lefty Lenny
Lefty Lenny

Another rarest card that you may come across during your Coin Master gameplay is Lefty Lenny. The value of Left Lenny is 2 Martian Lettuce. This card remains high in demand every time you join it. Many gamers always ask about this card but do not receive it so easily. Lefty Lenny is present in the Cyber Cowboys set and is worth four stars.

Aztec Princess

Aztec Princess
Aztec Princess

Some call it one of the most desired and rarest cards, and others consider it hated. Aztec Princess can be found in the Tribe card set. It rests in the fifth position and comes with a value of four stars. Obtaining this card is extremely rare. Its value is 2=1 Excalibur.

Other Rarest Cards you Can Find on Coin Master

Here’s the list of the other rarest cards and their values that you may want to enhance your gameplay by winning free perks.

  • Blizz – 2 Martian Lettuce
  • Crusader – 5 Martian Lettuce
  • Jolly Jasper – 4 Martian Lettuce
  • Martian Lettuce – 3 Excalibur
  • The Beast – 2 Martian Lettuce
  • Top Knut – 3 Martian Lettuce
  • Torero – 2 Martian Lettuce
  • Hotrod – 10 Martian Lettuce
  • Archery Camp – 10 Martian Lettuce
  • Pig Knight – 10 Martian Lettuce
  • Model Z – 4 Martian Lettuce
  • Spooky Simon or Creepy Simon – 4 Martian Lettuce
  • Lucky Lance or Spear of Luck – 5 Martian Lettuce

How Can I Get the Rarest Cards in Coin Master?

As they are termed ‘rarest cards’ in the gameplay, the odds of getting them to enhance your gameplay are not so high. In comparison to the rarest cards, you may get other perks such as golden cards more easily.

But if you are still hunting for the best ways to get them, let us help you. Here are some tips to get the rarest cards in Coin Master.

Buy Chest

Buy a chest, and if luck favors you, you can get the gold and the rarest card from it. However, the chances of obtaining the rarest card from the Chest are slight. That being said, you can increase your chances by buying as many chests as possible in every village.

Even if you do not get the rarest cards from the Chest, you can make the most of other bonuses such as coins, spins, cards, etc.

Trade Chests

Another way to obtain the rarest cards in your game is to trade chests. Trading chests with coin master communities or telling your friends to give them to you can land you rare and golden cards.

Trade Cards

Besides trading chests, you can trade cards on the Facebook group and increase your chances of getting a Coin Master Rarest card. This game has a vast community on social media platforms. You can utilize it to your benefit.

There are many card trading groups on Facebook. Some of them have more than 1 million members. All the group members help each other by gifting coins and cards they do not need in their gameplay anymore. Who knows, you might get the card you need the most in this process?

Take Part in the Social Media Giveaway

The many groups and pages on the social media platforms are not just used for trading cards but also to organize the giveaway. You may find such groups on platforms like Facebook and Reddit.

We urge you to join these giveaways to multiply your chances of getting the rarest cards.

Wait for the Card Boom

Coin Master hosts the Coin Master Card Boom Event from chests. It is yet another opportunity to score the rarest cards. Spend your coins on buying the card chests during the card boom event. You can get both rarest as well as gold cards.

Collect Daily Rewards

The developers of this game know how to maintain loyal fandom for Coin Master. Thus, they make a multitude of attempts and pamper their gamers. Coin Master rewards the users with daily free rewards. You may collect many exciting rewards from the Coin Master Daily Free Rewards. Some of them include free spins, coins, free pet food, cards, XP, and more.

How Do I Trade Rare Cards on Coin Master?

If you cannot gather a reasonable quality of rare cards in the gameplay, fret not! You have the option to trade it. But this option comes with a condition. You cannot send your gold or rare cards like other cards in the game.

Here’s how you can trade rare cards.

  • Open the Coin Master game and tap on the Cards icon in the bottom left.
  • Find a non-gold card from the list.
  • Scroll through your friend’s list and choose the name of the friends with whom you want to trade the card.
  • Click the Send button.
  • The selected card shall be sent to your friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Rarest Cards to enhance my gameplay?

It is possible to buy the cards, in case you cannot trade them. All the categories of cards are available on eBay. However, we advise you to be careful because many scammers sell cards on these platforms.

How to get the missing cards?

Once you have built your village, you will discover that there are many cards that you are missing. When this happens, we advise you to stop building and start purchasing card assets. The missing ones shall be available only when you buy many of them. Do not wait for long as some cards are difficult to find.

How to avoid scammers while dealing with the cards in my gameplay?

Most of the cards are available on Facebook groups. There are chances the scammers may want to scam you when you buy from them. The best way to save yourself from the scam is to request the group admins to help you, especially when buying the cards from a stranger for the first time. The admins of the group know to handle the transaction process well. They will make sure you land a good deal.

Is Joker a Rare Card?

Joker cards in Coin Master are also considered incredibly rare. It is because although you can come across these cards regularly, they will expire after a particular time. It is good to ensure you collect them before they near expiry. You can also send their duplicates to friends.

How do I keep up with Coin Master Cards?

If you want to keep up with the Coin master cards and stay on top of everything in the game, including the launch of new rare cards, there are many things to keep an eye on.

Always check the social media updates of Coin Master. The social media platforms keep releasing updates about all the cards from time to time. You can also follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts to update yourself further about everything the game has for you.


The list of rare and rarest cards in the game offers you an opportunity to understand the different categories available. It also makes it easy for you to know what you are missing. Buckle up to score the rarest cards in the game now!

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