Get Free Spins in Coin Master

Get Free Spins in Coin Master

Coin Master has become one of the most sought-after single-player mobile games, and gamers cannot get enough of it. You can now obtain Coin Master free spins using many methods and enhance your gameplay!

Coin Master is a game created by Israeli Studio, Moon Active. The popularity of this game spreads across the world. It has many aspects and social elements. Both iOS and Android users can download it for free and enjoy an endless gaming spree.

The game’s goal is to build and lead villages while you attack those belonging to your friends or competitors and defend your own. The characters travel through time to become the best pirates, kings, hippies, warriors, Vikings, and other historical things.

You can have a good village and upgrade it timely. All you need to do is to defend yourself properly, collect all the rewards, and progress faster. You can achieve all this through a virtual slot machine where you will get rewards like coins, weapons, and shields.

The social aspect of this game happens through Facebook, and if you have your social media account, you can begin your gameplay with Coin Master. Besides, random events and other mechanics, such as card collecting, pet management, and tournaments, form part of the game.

The best part of playing Coin Master is that you can collect Coin Master free spins and coins through various approaches.

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How Can I Get More Free Spins in the Game?

Want to up your game and beat your competitors? Collecting free spins and rewards will help you attain it. Here are the different ways to get more free spins in the game.

Follow the Social Media of the Game

Coin Master has a lot for its players on its social media pages. Thus, you can expect to get more coins by following its social media handles. For instance, the game entertains many additional rewards and giveaways on its official Twitter page. Follow the page and keep yourself updated with the latest coin master free spins.

You can also check out the official Facebook page of the game and collect some free coins from there.

Invite your Friends To Play

If you cannot find enough coins or spins on both the official social media handles of the game, fret not. There are other ways to get them. You can invite your friends to play Coin Master. For each new friend you invite, you will receive 40 Coin master spins.

Once you have invited a bunch of friends, you can earn many free spins. Your friends, too, can follow this strategy in multiplying their free spins in coin master throughout the game.

Request Free Spins with In-Game Friends

Once you have expanded your friend list, you can begin requesting daily free spins from each of them. It will amount to several extra free spins, which you can do daily. However, it is subject to some terms and conditions. The maximum number of free spins you can claim each day from your friends is 100.

Do Not Skip Ads

Nobody likes watching ads while playing their favorite games or streaming their favorite videos. But what if we tell you that watching ads will land you some free Coin Master Spins? 

Yes, you heard it right. Watching ads popping between your game will have you earn enough free spins that you can utilize in your gameplay to develop your village. These ads do not take a lot of time. The maximum duration of these ads is 30 seconds only.

Save your Spins

In this game, you will gain spins passively, over time. According to the rules of the game, a free spin Coin Master refills every 12 minutes. But we suggest you should not spend them as soon as they fill up.

On the contrary, try saving these spins for as long as possible. Saving them, in the long run, will give you the advantage of 2x and 3x multipliers by spending 2 or 3 rolls instead of 1.

The best deal here is to get multipliers of 3. It will be the most advantageous in collecting free spins. Additionally, you can log into the game every 6-7 hours and start spinning. It is easy!

Upgrade your Village

You play this game to set up your village. Thus, expect to get many free spins every time you upgrade it. The process may be time-consuming and expensive. But it is a guaranteed method of getting enough free spins. Try it, you will not regret it.

Keep Spinning

Although saving spins can always work in your favor, do not get stingy while using them either.

To get more spins, you must use your existing spins to a certain extent. Each time you spin, there are odds for you to get some extra spins. The more you spin, the higher the chances to get them.

Make the Most of In-Game Events

The game hosts an array of in-game events, and participating in them will land you many free spins. These events ask you to complete different tasks. When you indulge in them, they give you many free spins as rewards. Do not miss out on these extra goodies. They will enhance your gameplay.

Follow the Links

Considering the increasing popularity of Coin Master, many alternative platforms offer Coin Master Free Spin links. You can check these pages and platforms daily and get free spins to use throughout your gameplay. We are also updating coin master links for free spin you can check below.

Do Not Save your Coins

Coins are essential for any game, but saving them is not the way to win big. When it comes to Coin Master, be fundamental to evolve your villages and upgrade your buildings. Stocking on them will always be counterproductive in your gameplay.

It is because you will often witness raids and attacks throughout your gameplay. When this happens, you may lose a big chunk of coins. It is where the idea of not saving up your coins comes in. If you do not have anything, raiding wouldn’t benefit the other party.

Take Part in the Events

As stated, taking part in the events organized by Coin Master can help you in many ways. You can make the most of these events and stock up on different rewards quickly. This strategy is particularly good for those who do not want to spend anything or plan to spend only a little. The platform hosts events now and then, all of which come with different rewards.

Some offer you several discounts on building and upgrading your village, while others give you free coins, free spins, and many perks.

Keep Your Pet Active

When it comes to maintaining good gameplay in Coin Master, keeping your pet active becomes vital. Pets evolve as you use them. Thus, ensure you feed them frequently so that they do not sleep and you do not lose any bonus.

You can get free food once a day in your gameplay. But your pets will feel hungry more often, and feeding them only one time a day will not suffice. You can use different ways to feed them. For instance, use your real money and purchase from the stop, be a part of their special events where they give free food as rewards, and earn rewards in the slot machine.

Keep Your Best Pet for Different Occasions

Coin Master has three different pets. You will only be able to keep one pet active at a time. The choice of which one you should keep active is vital because of the bonuses they offer.

  • Use Rhino when you want to stop playing the game, go to sleep, or do anything that makes your engagement in the game inactive.
  • Use Foxy to raid the Coin master to get the maximum number of coins from the fourth hole.
  • Use Tiger to attack the villages of your enemy. You will get decent bonuses.

Earn your Daily Bonus

One of the most successful tips to go a long way while playing Coin Master is to get your daily bonus. This strategy also helps you when you want to avoid spending your real money on gameplay.

Like other mobile games, Coin Master offers daily bonuses to its players. However, you can avail of them only after going past the initial villages.

Unlock New Villages

The main goal of the game is to unlock and upgrade the villages that the game keeps offering. It will be essential to use your gold coins or real money in doing so, but unlocking each village will also offer you enough free spins and coins.

The number of villages in this game is over 300. All these villages have their unique elements. The developers promise that the number of villages will keep growing so that you never finish the game in theory.  

Is Coin Master Available for Free?

The app is free to download for users. But you would not have that many spins you can use without spending your real money. You may have to invest some money from your bank account if you want to purchase more spins or coins. The gambling aspect of this platform is strong, making it possible for many to feel forced to spend their hard-earned money on the game. We, therefore, advise you to keep your children away from playing this game.

Now that we have listed all the essential details of free spins and gameplay, it’s time to play Coin Master game

FAQs About Coin Master

How to Win More in Coin Master?

Besides utilizing Coin Master free spins using many methods, you can also win this game with other tricks and strategies. We have curated a list! Here are the different ways to improve your game and win big.

What is Coin Master available on?

There are both options available for gamers. If you have an iPhone then you should search for the game on App Store. If you are using an Android phone then you have to search on Play Store.

What is the highest village in Coin Master?

There are more than 100 villages in the Coin Master game but if you are looking for the highest one then you should check “Lands of Vikings” in your game.

What games are similar to Coin Master?

There are lots of games like coin master, We have an article on the 10 best games that exact math like the Coin Master. You can check and download it for your experience.


Getting Coin Master free spins is easy to process for us because you just have to click on the links and it’s done! check games like coin master if you are already done with this game. Attacking on best friend’s castle is like getting peace.

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