Coin Master Events 2022 [Latest List]

Coin Master Events 2022 [Latest List]

Want to Earn More Rewards? Get Some Premium Spins? Or Unlock Other Resources? If yes then you are landed at the right place. Here is the list of Coin Master Events that help you win all rewards.

Coin Master is a game that takes the most enjoyable aspects of strategy and slot machines games. A huge range of cards is available for you to collect, and you will have the opportunity to attack and raid the villages of other players. Hopefully, you will earn even more valuable coins by spinning the wheel of fortune.

Like other similar games, Coin Master offers you a lot of resources that can help you become a pro player. There are a variety of resources, including collectible cards, pets, and humans that you can get with our event lists.

Moreover, by attacking and raiding other players’ villages, you can earn resources without spending any of your coins. These resources can be used to upgrade your Village.

Most players enjoy participating in events because they are a limited-time way to collect good resources. It is only possible to participate in these events for a limited time period. Those events deserve a closer look.

What Are Coin Master Events?

There are a variety of Coin Master Events you can participate in, and you’ll earn more spins, coins, cards, pet treats, and other rewards. Check out the events listed below to learn more about them.

This is the right place for you if you are a Coin Master fan who wants to win more rewards. It is a great opportunity for Coin MasterPlayers to win precious rewards by participating in events. In order to accomplish this, it is compulsory to be aware of the Coin Master Events List.

There are many rewards you can receive through these events, such as free spins, coins, rare cards, pets, pet food, pet XP, and more.

Coin Master Events Schedule

Moonactive Coin Master organizes a variety of events. The event can be attended by anyone who wants to participate. This is where you will find all the details of the Coin Master events for the updated moonactive for 2022.

Coin MasterPlayers take part in events as a challenge. Experienced Coin Masters will definitely win these events if they have the necessary skills.

Coin Master Events List

In this section, you will find the future events that Coin Master will organize. Detailed information is available for each event. You can find a list of Coin Master Events here.

1. Village Mania

Playing Coin Master Game will make you aware of this event. During the Village Mania event, you will receive lots of rewards. You will receive a discount on building your Village during this event.

There are two ways to take advantage of this event: You can get 20% off everything in the Village or 65% off all the levels on the last item.

2. Coin Craze

The Coin Craze event is named so because it increases the interest in coins. As a result of this event, you will be able to collect more coins than you normally would.

In order to identify this event, there are a few symptoms to look out for. A multiplier is added to your coins during this event. As well as turning your spin button into gold, it also makes your reels spin.

When the gold button is present on the slot machine, you can win many coins when you spin it, attack other players’ villages, or raid them. It will take a few minutes for your gold spin button to return to normal after the event ends.

3. Sea Of Fortune

It enhances the gaming experience by providing a variety of features. Just by sailing in the sea, you will be able to collect more surprising rewards. It’s just a matter of keeping your eyes on ‘Greedy Octopus.’

There seems to be only a tiny game involved in this event. This event is open to everyone at every level. There are four boxes of wood to be won in this event. In one box, you will find a Greedy Octopus, while in the other, you will find various rewards for you to find.

The two options you have if you happen to land on Octopus are as follows.

  • To continue playing, you need to pay coins to skip the trap.
  • Let’s end this fortune without any rewards.

4. Attack Madness

With Attack Madness, you will be able to grab more attractive and amazing rewards, as the title suggests. With this event, you will have more chances to win bigger rewards during every attack on your friend’s Village. Getting higher rewards is the result of climbing higher steps.

5. Raid Madness

Raids will be an amazing experience with this event. It will be the same event as last time. Taking part in raids of other players’ villages will result in better rewards for you. With more chances to get big rewards, you’ll have a better chance of winning. The higher you go in level, the more rewards you will receive.

6. Village Master

The best way to celebrate your progress or level in the Coin Master game is to attend this event. If you upgrade your levels or succeed, you’ll get more rewards. You’ll get more rewards as you progress the further you go.

7. Viking Quest

This is one of the mini-games within the Coin Master game. To get rewards from the slot machine, you normally have to spin it.

The game Viking quest offers coins instead of spins which can be used to get precious rewards.

8. Set Blast

Among short-term events, this is one of my favorites. Having a card set is an excellent way to complete the event. You can earn up to 50% more rewards when you complete a card set, such as spins. There is only a short period of time for this event.

9. Gold Card Trade

Coin Master primarily focuses on collecting cards. Hence, this event is the ideal opportunity for you and your friends to assist in this way.

As with Set Blast, this event is only available for a limited time. The pop-up displays in a special event that allows players to trade gold cards.

10. Cards Boom

There are 50% extra rewards for each chest in this boom event. There are three cards in the wooden chest, six cards in the golden chest, and twelve cards in the magical chest.

11. Tournament

Multiplayer events allow players to compete against each other, track each other’s progress, and share resources. By completing various actions such as raids and attacks, players can earn event coins to join this event.

In the tournament leaderboard, players compete to appear at the top of the list. In the top right corner of the screen, you will see when you have completed an action. In addition to this number increasing, your rank will rise as well.

Benefits of a Coin Master Event

There are many benefits to Coin MasterEvents, as you know already. By using them, you can double the rewards you receive, such as spins and coins. Many rewards are available during these events, including rare cards, gold cards, pet food, and much more.

Coin Master Event Error

There are times when users receive error messages for specific events. You can use uninstall and reinstall method whenever you receive an error message or an event that isn’t appearing in your game.


The schedule and list of Coin Master events can be found above. You can win many prizes and rewards by participating in these events. By doing so, you will be able to play more effectively. 

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