Coin Master Chests [A Complete Guide With Card Details]

Coin Master Chests [A Complete Guide With Card Details]

Gaming has become one of the most popular ways of entertainment and leisure in today’s world. Many gaming enthusiasts look forward to engaging in fun-filled games to kill time. As a result, several game developers have started producing many elements to make the gaming experience of the players better. Here we go for Coin Master chests wiki.

Coin Master is one of the best games available for players of all types. The game is full of good graphics, interesting features, rewards, and a lot more. Coin Master is a part city-builder and part slots machine strategy game, the economy of which revolves around chests.

You gain levels and unlock new stages by spending coins and building and upgrading Village structures. Chests include various random items to help you speed up the process by allowing you to earn resources more quickly. Are you looking for coin master free spins? Then you will get here/

Here is everything to know about Chests and how you can get them.

What are Coin Master Chests?

Coin Master Chests are referred to as in-game lucky boxes to reward you with exceptional cards and resources depending upon their type and the level you are at. If you are a beginner, you might be wondering what kind of rewards each chest holds.

Here are the different types of chests you can discover and unlock in your gameplay.

Wooden Chest

Wooden chests are the most common chests in the game. They are available to buy when you cross the third in-game village. They include two collectible cards. Wooden chests are rare. Thus, if you score them, call yourself lucky.

If luck favors you more, you can get a 5-star card in a wooden chest, because otherwise, the chances of this event are slim. Here is to know everything about Wooden Chest cards probability.

1-Star Card: There is an 86 percent chance you will be receiving this card in the wooden chest. They are great for progressing in the game. But after a while, the 1-star card becomes obsolete, especially when you hit higher levels.

2-Star Card: The odds of receiving a 2-star card in your gameplay is 48 percent. These cards help you progress faster during the first few stages of the game, eventually giving you an edge over your competition.

3-Star Card: 18 percent probability states that you will be getting a 3-star card. When you score this card at the early stages of the gameplay, it may become a game changer and help you further in attracting more rewards.

4-Star Card: There are 15 percent chances of receiving a 4-star card. Just like the 3-star card, getting this one depends upon your luck. It could end up giving you an edge over your competition.

5-Star Card: There is only a 2 percent chance you will receive a 5-star card at an early stage in your game. It is one of the best cards available to help you progress faster throughout your gameplay while making it easier for you to complete a total card set.

Golden Chest

You will spot a Golden Chest after the third village in your gameplay. And if you run into a rare find, it will cost you more. Golden Chest comprises five different cards, all of which help you increase your possibility of getting higher-ranked cards. Take a look at the probability of obtaining different cards. 

  • 1-Star Card: 60 percent 
  • 2-Star Card: 77.7 percent
  • 3-Star Card: 99.5 percent
  • 4-Star Card: 35 percent
  • 5-Star Card: 5.95 percent

Magical Chest

You can avail of the Magical Chest after entering the third village in the game. This one costs significantly higher than the remaining chests on the list. They reward you with eight cards in total.

  • 1-Star Card: 79 percent
  • 2-Star Card: 94.29 percent
  • 3-Star Card: 99.5 percent
  • 4-Star Card: 99.5 percent
  • 5-Star Card: 23.6 percent

Mystery Chest

Mystery chest is full of cards, spin rewards, and pet snacks, all of which you may need from time to time to take care of your village. You can score varied tier cards. Here’s the probability of getting them.

  • 1-Star Card: 0.5 percent 
  • 2-Star Card: 98.33 percent
  • 3-Star Card: 98.33 percent
  • 4-Star Card: 99.5 percent
  • 5-Star Card: 99.5 percent

Joker Card: Unlike others, you will find a joker card in the mystery chest that can help your game in many ways. The odds of landing on this card are 10 percent.

Emerald Chest

The Emerald Chest is a premium chest that you can unlock after entering the 20th village of the game. It will reward you with spins and pet XP apart from 4 random cards. Here are the chances of obtaining the star cards. 

  • 1-Star Card: 63.71 percent
  • 2-Star Card: 56.13 percent
  • 3-Star Card: 80.69 percent
  • 4-Star Card: 70.84 percent
  • 5-Star Card: 27.10 percent

Sapphire Chest

Sapphire Chest appears after entering the 70th village. It awards seven cards along with extra spins and pet XP.

  • 1-Star Card: 71.8 percent
  • 2-Star Card: 79.16 percent
  • 3-Star Card: 90.49 percent
  • 4-Star Card: 99.5 percent
  • 5-Star Card: 38 percent

Ruby Chest

Ruby Chest gives you the chance of winning the rewards of a Joker Card, which, otherwise, is extremely rare in the game. The percentage of winning this card is different in this chest even when you compare it with the Mystery Chest (1.19 percent only). It opens at village 110 and includes other rewards such as one pet food, spins, and pet XP along with cards. It offers you eight cards.

  • 1-Star Card: 56.2 percent.
  • 2-Star Card: 82.47 percent
  • 3-Star Card: 97.19 percent.
  • 4-Star Card: 99.5 percent.
  • 5-Star Card: 61.14 percent

Joker Card: Joker card is the most exclusive aspect of this chest. The probability of scoring it is low, 1.9 percent only.

Valentine’s Chest

Like Ruby and Mystery Chest, this one also gives you a chance of winning a Joker Card. It also includes further rewards that you can achieve such as pet food, pet XP, spins, and a total amount of 6 cards. The probability of getting different cards is listed as under.

  • 1-Star Card: 0.5 percent.
  • 2-Star Card: 98 percent
  • 3-Star Card: 98 percent.
  • 4-Star Card: 99 percent.
  • 5-Star Card: 99 percent

Joker Card: There are only 4 percent odds of getting a Joker Card. Call yourself fortunate if you score one.

Small Lucky Chest

Small Lucky Chest is available once you cross village 4+. This chest includes six cards and also offers a multitude of other perks, such as pet XP and spins. The probability of getting the cards is listed under.

  • 1-Star Card: 0.01 percent
  • 2-Star Card: 98 percent
  • 3-Star Card: 98 percent 
  • 4-Star Card: 99.5 percent
  • 5-Star Card: 99.5 percent

Joker Card:  Only 1.4 percent odds will fall in your favor.

Big Lucky Chest

These chests are found in villages 30+ and comprise a total of 8 cards, including Joker cards, Pet XP, and spins.

  • 1-star Card: 55 percent
  • 2-Star Card: 82 percent
  • 3-Star Card: 96 percent
  • 4-Star Card: 99 percent
  • 5-Star Card: 60 percent

Joker Card:  There is a 14 percent probability of getting a joker card.

Small Easter Chest

This chest unlocks at Village 10, and there are six cards in total. The small Easter chest also includes other prizes like spins and pet XP. The probability of getting this card is only 2.4 percent, very low when compared to other cards in the chest. But the chance of getting the rewards of Pet XP remains high – 90K, similar to the valentine chest.

This chest can also give you a whopping 6000 spins.

Big Easter Chest

Big Easter Chest opens up at Village 20 and unlocks with prizes eight cards and other features like Pet XP and spins. Like the small Easter chest, the odds of getting this card remain low, at 6 percent only.

Which of all is the Best Chest in Coin Master?

There can be no certain or quick answer to this question. It is because each of these chest types comes with its own drop probabilities. Thus, the chest you buy depends upon what exactly you need at the moment.

For instance, if you want to complete your low-level card collection, do not seek higher-level chests. The lower-level chests are much better and easier to unlock in this situation. And, if you are strapped for cash and need an injection of coins to move on to the next stage, it would be wise to buy a chest with a high chance of dropping coins in this case.

How to Buy A Chest?

Buying any chest from the above-mentioned list is easy. You will find a shop in the Coin Master game from where you can buy chests by using your coins. Alternatively, you can also use your real money to buy them.

If you have enough coins and want to progress in your game, you should buy a chest. It will offer you endless rewards.

How Can I Get Chests from the Game?

There are three ways to avail the chests from the game.

  • Complete the village and score the best chests.
  • Begin a raid.
  • Trade cards for chests.

How do I Trade Cards for Chest?

Trading cards for the chest is a less practiced thing in the Coin Master. The game has added this feature in its recent update version. You can buy a chest by using your duplicate cards and choose any rewards like free spins, pet XP, pet food, or a card.

Here are the steps to follow to trade your cards.

  • Go to the game menu and then click on the Card collection. Then select Menu Trade for Chest.
  • Trade cards for the available chest.
  • Then click on the ‘Select Cards for Me’ option.

How do Team Chests Work in Coin Master?

One of the best ways to collaborate and play with your friends is to work together on a common goal. There is a new feature – Team Chest under which you and your team compete for an incredible prize – a chest full of fun goods.

You can double-check if you are a team member to obtain the chest and join throughout the tournament if you have never been a team member before. Purchase the minimum number of the supplied unique products to add to the total. It is how you can participate in each Team Chest event.

There is also a progress meter sitting above the leaderboard, which lets you track your Team’s and individual progress towards the big prize.

We hope that the above-listed guide helps you understand everything about chests and how you can get them. Start playing now.

FAQs About Coin Master Chests

Should I buy chests Coin Master?

If you have lots of coins in your Coin Master game then you should go for buying in inventory because it totally worth buying chests because you can get many things from the chest like XP, rare cards, pet food, free spins and coins.

How do I trade cards for chests on Coin Master?

Coin Master made this thing easy for us because it is automatically done for you. You can also do these things manually. Just go to the card and check the manual options. That’s it!


You read everything about Coin Master chests, Join the tournaments and tasks to open the chests in the Coin Master. Share this with your friends so that they can also learn everything about chests. Check the games like coin master.

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